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Immigrating to New Zealand?

Build a new home and rent it back until you get your residency visa!

Immigrating to NZ but want to buy a new home straight away? This finance opportunity is for you! Build new with us, rent the home until you have your residency visa and we will help you to secure your home loan to own the property. You keep the capital gains (increase in value of home) from the time you sign the build contract to the time you take over the home loan. All  enquiries are assessed on a case by case basis, with the following minimum requirements:

  • Signed NZ employment contract
  • 30% Deposit (flexible depending on household income)
  • Intend to live in NZ and gain permanent residency

We have House and Land Packages available throughout New Zealand. We will help you to build in the best location that suits you and your family, ensuring you are close to shops, supermarkets, child care, school zones, your new office or work location. You canít gain a home loan in New Zealand until you have your Residency Visa. Your new home will increase in value while you are gaining your working visa. As house prices increase you will need a larger home deposit in the future to buy. It can be difficult to find a rental home, and may have to move from rental house to rental house.

Master Build 10-Year Guarantee. High quality design and specifications with our Compass series to our Nautical series our striking Designer series and our stand-out Villa Series. And of course, we have no problem tailoring any of our plans to suit your own unique requirements.

There is something for everyone at Navigation Homes. We offer a quality product at a competitive price without compromising on excellence. We have Franchises across the country who can help get your future home from a concept to a reality! We would love the opportunity to work alongside you, to build your dream home.